November 9, 2010

The second "puppy shot" was administered to all.

October 20, 2010

Well, yellow girl was outside and somehow snuck into the middle forty. "Jamie", my Gordon, was loose and she went up to him to play, and then to nurse. He gave me a look that only a Gordon setter can give you, and she looked at me like "What's up with this - no milk....?

Pretty funny!

October 20, 2010

Have been swamped and unable to keep progress report updated...so sorry. Photos from week 9 candids and head and stacks (what I could get) will be loaded shortly. Made the mistake of putting the grooming table in big open area where they wanted to play - so distractions were high and stacks were difficult! Cathy and Dave helped me with shots and Cathy tried stacking green boy, and photos are cute as he decided to sit rather than stack. Very precious photos of mom Sarah enjoying the pups in the bushes.

Should be able to get better photos on next weekend.

Having major remodeling issues as dishwasher hose broke and flooded under cabinets, so contractor central here...asbestos testing, mold remediation, pull cabinets out, new counter tops eventually and hardwood floors need to be replaced. Needless to say a mess. And NO ONE seems to understand that functioning without a kitchen with 14 dogs (8 pups and 6 adults) will be nearly impossible.

Blue boy it appears gotten bitten by something - probably a spider on Sunday. We were at vets Sunday afternoon did x-rays nothing (I thought maybe he swallowed something) and as fast as symptoms appeared, after getting sub-Q fluids and NPO, he was fine the next day.

They are into EVERYTHING. Yesterday a friend came over to look at litter and evaluate and it was pouring down rain....so, since the hardwood floors will all be replaced, I figured they could run in the family room. They were only in family room less than an hour and.....pulled the cable TV coard out and disconnected my satellite reception, found a dead mouse in the fireplace in trap (4 of them stood there on point!) pretty funny....not sure who ended up with the mouse. Blue girl and green boy LOVE the bird feathers.

When they go back into their room, they have to go thru master bedroom....with bad weather, I let them all run in bedroom while I put them away one-at-a-time. Last night I walked in the room and they were all lined up on MY bed, laying down like, "See, we can be good dogs!" Very cute but couldn't get a photo.

October 10, 2010

Well, the linoleum in the puppy corral lasted exactly 8 weeks. They have eaten their way through 2 layers and down to the last. The good news is they are outside in the big lawn area more, so not as interested in the smaller enclosed area, except to eat. Too many distractions on the other area - none of them want to eat there.

Puppy stack photos for week 8 going up shortly. Stacked them in the morning and again in the afternoon....got fairly good shots between the two, except somehow I missed blue girl and only have an okay shot - she is much prettier than the photo.

Will try to get head shots later in the week.

October 7, 2010

A big day today for the puppies. My friend Kim came over and we accomplished so much.

1st shot given(Intervet Parvo and Distemper only), cleaned morning box...a large task every morning, then took headshots of each of them. They had all run through the waterbowl and had more water on them than in them-so we got the blowdryer out and they experienced a brush, comb and blowdryer for the first time. All of them were pretty good with it. We were outside in the puppy corral for 2+hours and photos will go up shortly. Puppies were a little tired by the time we got to the headshots, so there are some sleeping faces, but they all did well.

October 5, 2010

Little pistols - that's all I can say. I had Pat Mack help me in morning getting the pups outside while I cleaned the morning box....housekeeper was here for 2nd outside feeding, and 3rd one Sarah supervised the kids, while I cleaned the box and carried them in and out one at a time. It takes maybe 15-20 seconds to carry one in and then go out for another-maybe 30 max. My camera was on the bench when I left to take dog #1 inside. When I came out, it was being dragged out of the puppy corral by three pups. Now in those 15-30 seconds, they had to grab the camera, take it off the bench, carry it to the bone shaped opening about 8 feet away, carry it up the ramp, and it was inside heading out when I made it back outside. Remarkably, the camera is fine! No, I didn't get any photos of the event! LOL

October 4, 2010

Puppies ate outside - all 8 of them this afternoon. Red boy, who has been timid, is very comfortable now outside. There is NOT a single timid dog in the bunch!

Two collars came off and I weighed the two boys purple and white boy and couldn't tell by weight. I was 99% sure I had it correct based on heads and "overall length of body." Purple boy is longer bodied than white boy - both boys have fabulous heads.....what to do? Then I remembered that pink girl "tattooed" white boy with bite marks on his you-know-what. Yep, I had it right!

October 3, 2010

Toenails trimmed. All weighed in and ranged from 11 pounds to 13.8 pounds. Red boy is now the heaviest with blue boy in close second. Blue girl in 12 pound area and everyone else in 11 pound+. Green boy the littlest is closing the gap and is now only a half pound behind the pack. Suzi and I tried to visit a little but they are very active in their puppy corral and loved it. Suzi supervised while I cleaned up the inside box then we re shot stacks on blue boy and pink girl. They all slept for 4 hours after their play time and allowed me to bathe the 6 adult dogs and groom 3 of the 6 adult dogs. We're all exhausted!

October 2, 2010

Puppy corral outside set-up complete and I'm really happy with it. Perfect for the pups. They will get their first Parvo/distemper shot next Thursday. Puppy corral setup was used today while I cleaned their box. Red boy is no longer shy outside - he was content to have a "box" outdoors. Pups are on sensory overload and not interested in eating outside, but are eating well inside. Blue girl, white boy and green boy seemed to enjoy running up and down the bone ramp the most. Lynda and Greg stopped by in the afternoon and we got the pups very first STACK photos. They'll be posted under week 7 but are actually one day shy of 7 weeks. Pups didn't like being stacked, as it was foreign to them....will have to start working on that. More company tomorrow and more photos.

October 1, 2010

Set up the "puppy corral" set up for outside. Once pups get their first shot, they will be spending a lot more time in the puppy corral setup. A friend gave me a puppy corral he had designed for his sister who no longer needed it - I love it! It is adorable with bone shaped opening (see photos of setup) week 6. Put linoleum flooring in the corral and disinfected entire area. Purchased shade cloths. Will finish set up tomorrow.

September 30, 2010

Well Blue girl loves her freedom. Twice this morning, out of the box running up and down the hall - Wahoo! Yippee! And I was in the box cleaning it! Fencing going up today around the pen!

I had a root canal done today. Thank god Lynda came over in the afternoon to help with pups. The meds knocked me out. Poor pups and my adult dogs didn't get much activity all day today.

September 29, 2010

Too hot outside again to put pups out - put them in foyer 2 at a time with me for a few minutes to run and play. Blue girl, pinkie and blue boy were interested in everything and carried a leash around in their mouths. Everyone except red boy is comfortable out of the box which is really interesting because he is one of the more dominant in the box.

I put blue girl and pink girl back in the box and went to the kitchen to make their 11AM feeding mixture. Mind you the top board-about 7-8 inches tall was not on the box - just the other 17-18 inches was in place. As I carried the food down the hallway, blue girl runs out of my bedroom saying, "okay, lets eat". Somehow she managed to get out of the box, so from now on, all three boards have to be in place.

They are learning puppies come.....cookies pretty quickly!

September 26, 2010

Well it's week 6. Today the puppies got their nails trimmed, their second worming and a weigh in. The pups range between just under 9 pounds and a just under 12 pounds.

All are eating well and more and more solid food being added.

Visitors this weekend were Chuck on Saturday-(while I went to Santa Ana KC with the puppies grandma Kelly to finish her Rally Excellent title), Cathy and Dave and Weneta with the kids. It was WAY too hot here-about 106-so nothing outdoors. I improvised and cleared out the foyer(hardwood floors) and about 3 times the size of whelping box. Weneta and the kids were here first and entertained the pups while I totally cleaned the whelping box in the bedroom. Weneta was very busy with PPP (poop and pee patrol). The kids held and cuddled the pups. Cathy and Dave stopped by and Cathy and I did toenails while Dave entertained Maggie and Sarah who were feeling neglected in the process.

Never got around to stacking pups.....hopefully starting this week.

September 24, 2010

The puppies are playing really hard. The boys are all pretty much afraid of the girls except for the little green boy who is FEARLESS and chases after pink girl when she is biting everybody.

White boy has always been a pretty gentle soul and the first to run to the edge of the box when I walk in the room. But always patient. He was staying clear of pink girl and I wasn't sure why...I picked him up and inspected him and he had teeth marks and broken skin on his pee pee. Poor little guy. Pink girl should be named TROUBLE I do believe! She is a fiesty little thing. Momma Sarah licked him and looked at me like "what am I going to do with pink girl".

More cookies needed to clean box....pheasant toy a big hit! Trying to get pink girl to play with that and leave the boys alone.

Am glad I'll have backup help this weekend with some visitors to tire these pups out a little bit.

September 22, 2010

Needed distractions to clean the box....introduced small pieces of dog biscuits! It was a hit. They were all quiet and thrilled to chew on something other than my pants or toes!

Increased food consumption a little. Activity on weekend was a little too much for them and not the weight gains I'd like to see. Just reweighed everyone tonight. Smallest is just under 8 pounds and largest at 11. There has been 2 pound differential all along-now it's three. Green boy loved the cookies so will sneak him little pieces here and there. As suspected the girls are all food motivated and were stealing the boys cookies. Red boy who has been somewhat laid back and I think ended up with the most pieces hiding them under him! Pretty smart!

September 21, 2010

Puppies went outside on patio today. I turned off the pool pump and it made a big difference - no noise so they were okay with it. They ate and Pat M. watched them while I was able to clean the box. Mom Sarah managed to check on the kids without getting malled too much for milk. She loves looking into the box and licking them without being attacked. The weaning process is progressing nicely.

Everyone was pretty comfortable outside today except for red boy. Red boy is one of the more dominant males in the box - but does not like being outdoors yet. But he was better. As always - whether happy or unhappy he was grunting/talking.

September 20, 2010

Have had shallow water bowl in box on and off for past week or two - mostly they have sat in it....peed in it and slept in it! Drinking was purely accidental. Today was the first day - I put in the bowl and they all ran over to it as if it was milk. They weren't excited about the water - but they did all drink it.

September 19, 2010

Weneta, Peter, Kasia and Stefan came over (Daniel's owner) and we took lots of photos and did the official 5 week weigh in. Green boy is still smallest at just under 7 (6.88) pounds, red at 8 pounds, blue at 9 pounds and everyone else in low to mid 7's. The kids were here for hours and the puppies got their socializiation fix.

We managed to also get a little time in with the older dogs. I managed to still bathe all the adult dogs, groom three and partially groom the other three. I'm exhausted!

Took lots of photos - will download later!

September 18, 2010

The puppies had a VERY busy schedule today. Toenails trimmed, whelping box repairs, vacuuming in the room, visitors and a trip outside.

The whelping box end panel was designed in three pieces for ease of letting me and the mom in and out as the pups grew. After 5 litters, we needed a few repairs. Chuck did the repairs for me and the pups were afraid of the sound of the drill except for blue girl. Then I vacuumed and this strange sound was certainly terrifying to the pups.

Disinfected the small back patio area - thought it would be a good time to let the pups out for a short time and eat outside - so I could clean the box....NOPE -they all hated the change except for green boy and yellow girl who boldly went where the others refused. Several of the pups didn't want to nurse or eat outside - so we moved everything back into the whelping box, they ate and fell asleep.

Suzy and Tom visited and all the pups had their collars removed washed and replaced. We all held each one and intentionally played with the paws so they get used to nails a LOT easier as they get older.

Big nap after Suzi & Tom left until Dave and Cathy stopped by. We tried to get photos with all 8 pups in it - but we'll see....they were pretty active. They ate their full pitcher of food, played with us and then fell asleep.

The pups particularly liked Cathy's toes and one of the pups peed on her - Thank god she was just going to an ISCSC function this evening. The pups all remember Cathy from their first few days of life and momma Sarah was also very comfortable with all the visitors today.

Took lots of photos - will download later!

September 16, 2010

Puppies are weighing in at just under 6 pounds for green and purple boys with everyone else in the mid 6 pound range except for blue boy at 7.78 pounds!

I have had to get creative cleaning the box, as three of them have tried to climb out....I need a flap on the top panel....in the past hasn't been an issue but with 8 they are ganging up on me. Am using a gate to restrict them to one side while I clean the other. I really need to get a photo as they all have sad faces like they are in jail!

September 12, 2010

Wormed Sarah and the pups, today.

September 11, 2010

Daniel's family came to see the pups today. Kasia, Stefan and Weneta helped me feed the pups and clean-up duty afterwards. Momma Sarah was very accepting and accomodating. I wasn't sure how she'd be since there aren't any kids in the house. The kids had a great time playing with and holding the pups. They helped me wash the adult dogs and gave some needed play time to Patrick, Sydney and Kelly in the back!

They arrived around 2PM I think and at 7:30 PM as the pups are sound asleep after their big adventure, Stefan advised us that he wanted to be there when they woke up. I explained that they wouldn't wake up to be fed until around 11PM....he said okay.

I believe that the children will be helping me every weekend with entertaining and socializing the puppies.

September 10, 2010

Room expansion....pigrails taken out! Puppies weigh from 3.97 to 5.5 pounds. Everyone doing well.

September 8, 2010

In the box with pups cleaning them up, thought I'd give Sarah a break after her nursing and cereal....apparently Sarah's nose was bent out of shape and she crawled back into the whelping box and pretty much kicked me out reminding me that they were hers not mine....she laid down nursed a little more then cleaned everybody up. I guess I didn't do it the way she liked.

September 7, 2010

Blue boy is 4.5 pounds and blue girl is now 4 pounds. Green boy and yellow girl have passed the 3 pound mark and are catching up. Green boy REALLY likes the supplemental milk and went from 2.58 to 3.17 in one day! Introduced TINY amount of finely ground kibble into supplement....pinkie, blue girl and green boy dove into it! Literally.

I cleaned everyone up - and they went back for more and got cleaned up a second time.

The pups at three weeks and one day are developing their happy dances as they finish pooping. Red boy and pinkie are pretty funny!

Teething has begun - today was first day that sitting in the box they were all trying to chew on me. Will try a tip Suzi gave me on weekend.....will report on that tomorrow.

September 6, 2010

Labor Day! Visitors came today and the puppies got lots and lots of cuddling and talking to. Suzi stopped by midmorning helped with puppy photos and after breakfast clean-up. Watching them eat is a treat although I have to say that they are now (9/8/10) eating more and wearing less. Cathy and Dave stopped by at lunch and we had the typical Labor Day BBQ-although very casual and laid back. Cathy had not seen the pups since day 3! They had grown so much. The pups love to fall asleep on my lap and I feel guilty when I can't get in there enough to have them crawl over me and fall asleep. These pups are very well socialized and some even run to me before Sarah to eat.

Mega thanks to Steve Chan for the "Puppy Corral." It looks like a little corral and I've put new hinges on it and painted "puppy corral" on it. Need to put linoleum on floor but eventually when pups can go outside after their first shot (not until week 8) - they will be spending a lot of time in the puppy corral. New red covered easy up and fencing going from back bedroom door to corral for corralling the little wranglers into the outdoors.

It took Dave, Cathy, Chuck and I all lifting and moving this into the desired area - not an easy task. Cathy said it will make a PERFECT Xmas card (she is right) this year and we will decorate in late October to take photos before puppies leave here to their homes. Thank you Davo for figuring out how to do this!

September 5, 2010

Chuck held while I trimmed nails today. Getting easier where I can see the nails. Puppies ate cereal ...all doing well. Net used for weighing too small and will use a leather bag that will work for future weigh ins. All pups are over 3 pounds except two - green boy and yellow girl but they are just under 3 pounds and catching up. Blue Boy is almost 4 pounds!

September 4, 2010

Puppy teeth coming in….breaking surface of mouth. Ah - that’s why Sarah’s feedings are shorter! LOL

Visitor’s today (shoes off at the door, bleach and water bottle for shoes at door and all hands sanitized before holding puppies…..puppies did well with visitors Sharon and Ted. Sarah too.

Patrick has informed us that Maggie is prime for breeding. He was screaming most of the night and was put into family room where he was still not good! Unfortunately, showing him puppies and telling him that he would have to support his adventures…doesn’t work with dogs. Maggie is willing which makes it worse. She is flagging and receptive.

September 3, 2010

Cereal added to Esbilac and Goat’s milk and water. Photos taken. Smaller pups like just the goat’s milk - larger ones getting bigger and want the cereal. Every supplemental feeding is giving Sarah a break and starting weaning process.

September 2, 2010

I actually had to go to an all day meeting today and did it on 3 hours of sleep. Friend Lynda came by and watched the puppies - in spite of all the issues she was having with her own dogs. More great photos and I think the pups helped put a smile on her face after a long day the day before when her father-in-law left raisins on the counter and three dogs had raisin toxicity - Two to the vet and kept for 2 days. Both made it through thanks to Lynda’s quick thinking and giving them hydrogen peroxide and water within first 30 minutes of ingestion and rushing to the vet. Great photo of Sarah looking into the mirror was taken by Lynda. Lynda’s Maggie, Rachel and Jack doing fine!

September 1, 2010

Introduced milk replacer to try to give Sarah a break. Blue girl was the first to accept it and after one did it - they all seemed to know what to do…I need a bigger bowl. They didn’t like the Esbilac alone or the puppy gold….Goat’s milk did the trick!

Puppies KNOW where the pee pad is and walk to it….They sometimes miss - but are always close. These pups are much faster in the potty training department than any other litter!

Usually as soon as the cereal is introduced….momma no longer cleans them. Sarah is still doing motherly cleanup activities and is by far the best MOM of all my litters….don’t tell Kelly or Roxy.

August 29, 2010

Visitors today…..Suzi & Tom stopped by. Suzi brought new yarn as the ric rac kept falling off the pups. Sarah was fine with visitors but was curious and checking to make sure they weren’t leaving with any!

Oh joy! Sarah having the puppies has brought Maggie into season 4 months EARLY!!!!!!!! I was going to breed Maggie on her next season as she is 5 years old. NOT this time. So far is not acting like a true season….maybe it will pass.

August 29, 2010

Blue girl decided it was time to see the world. I think most of them can hear things today. If I walk in and talk to anyone - they wake right up.

August 27 - 28, 2010

All eyes opened except for blue girl who squints and closes them…..not ready yet - but good eater and happy to eat whenever.

August 20, 2010

My good friend Lynda came over to let me get some sleep. She took care of pups while I grabbed a few hours of rest. She got some cute photos.

August 19, 2010

Pups are getting weighed daily and extra feedings with Sarah for those that need it. First trimming of nails today. Only problem is my eyes are not as good as they used to be to see these little nails. All went fine. Found Natural Tummy Soother for colicky babies - works well for pups…..they are all sleeping.

August 18, 2010

Dew claws removed. My past experiences with dewclaw removals at vet offices has been horrible. Screaming puppies, transporting pups in car to vet trying to keep them warm, fed, etc….AND the huge risk of exposing them at vet office to parvo, distemper, you-name-it! Donna said she could do the dew claws. I told her I wasn’t sure I could help. After listening to the trauma on past vet experiences and crying puppies the whole way home, I figured doing at home with another breeder was maybe a better option. I will NEVER have dew claws ever removed at a vet office again. Donna did all 8 in about 30 minutes. I held them. There was one or two little cries and them we put them on momma to nurse and they were content. It was WONDERFUL.

August 16 - 18, 2010

Good friends….am grateful to have great friends. Donna until late morning to make sure all was well. Cathy Michels arrived and stayed for next two days to help with the 24 hour, round-the-clock care. Chuck took care of all the other dogs who KNEW something was going on as mom had disappeared and looked very tired. The first 72 hours are critical and typically if you are going to lose pups that’s when it occurs. There were two smaller pups - but everybody looked really good and Sarah was excellent mom. Donna kept checking in as did other friends. Cathy, Chuck and I held down the fort so to speak. You know they are good friends when they are willing to sit in a room that is 88-90 degrees for three days! Father “Daniel” was no where to be seen…..I’m assuming passing out cigars or dog biscuits to friends. LOL

Blue boy is like a heat seeking missile-you can put him at other end of whelping box and without hearing, sight or smell can b-line it to momma. Amazing!

August 16, 2010

Good friends….am grateful to have great friends. Donna until late morning to make sure all was well. Cathy Michels arrived and stayed for next two days to help with the 24 hour, round-the-clock care. Chuck took care of all the other dogs who KNEW something was going on as mom had disappeared and looked very tired. The first 72 hours are critical and typically if you are going to lose pups that’s when it occurs. There were two smaller pups - but everybody looked really good and Sarah was excellent mom. Donna kept checking in as did other friends. Cathy, Chuck and I held down the fort so to speak. You know they are good friends when they are willing to sit in a room that is 88 - 90 degrees for three days! Father “Daniel” was no where to be seen…..I’m assuming passing out cigars or dog biscuits to friends. LOL

Blue boy is like a heat seeking missile-you can put him at other end of whelping box and without hearing, sight or smell can b-line it to momma. Amazing!

August 16, 2010

Puppies are here! Mom and babies doing fine. Five boys and 3 girls. Donna and I were busy. Sarah’s water broke at 1:50 ish (AM) and first puppy arrived at 1:55. We made it from my bedroom to the whelping room floor. Donna arrived to help as the third puppy was being born. All 8 puppies were born in 5.5 hours. Sarah does everything fast.

Donna said she never saw pups that were so strong running and screaming to get out. None of my other litters had puppies this vocal and moving so much at birth. They take after their mother!

I had Sarah on homeopathic meds prior to labor and I think it was a pretty easy labor because of them. She had one grunt on the first pup and that was it. Will use the homeopathics on all future litters.