My love affair with Irish Setters started in Toledo, Ohio where I was born and raised. My family never owned anything but Irish Setters. Growing up, the entire family loved to go pheasant hunting, including mom-well, everybody but me. So I would periodically tag along to take care of the dogs. My first real “experience” with the Irish was when I was 15 years old. My brother’s bitch Holly was pregnant and my sister-in-law at the time just couldn’t deliver or help with the delivery of the pups.(Needless to say, she’s no longer my sister-in-law). So they asked me to read up on the whelping process and help deliver a litter of pups. Even at 15, I read every book I could to be prepared. It was a large litter and Holly was a great mom. After delivering the litter, much to my mothers chagrin, I chose my very own first puppy “Jas.” I had no knowledge or interest in showing-just wanted a friend and companion. He was a wonderful friend.


After college, I moved for work to New Jersey and then to Southern California. Unfortunately with lots of corporate travel, I couldn’t have any animals. It just wouldn’t have been fair.

One day, while making a business call, I saw a gorgeous Irish Setter at a business looking out the door watching my every move. I really missed having the Irish. I thought these people are going to think I’m nuts-but I’m going to go visit the dog. This was the beginning of a dear friendship with Peggy and Dublin. I visited Dublin regularly and would take treats and tennis balls. Peggy traveled quite a bit and I became Aunt Pat to Dublin. Dublin was at my home on a weekly basis. Peggy passed away tragically at a young age and Dublin came to live the rest of his life with me. Dublin was soooooo smart and such a clown. He was my heart dog.

About a month after Dublin’s passing-I thought I would start to talk with breeders on the west coast-as I knew no one-and begin to look for a puppy possibly for the next year or so. I ordered a breeder’s directory and called only one number. It was a gut feeling or call it intuition. It was Arista Setters, breeder Karen Alexander. Little did I know at the time that Dublin had been an Arista dog. It was meant to be.

And so as a tribute to Dublin-I choose the name Dublin Meadows.