Reference Sites
American Kennel Club
Irish Setter Club of America
IRWS Club of America
Irish Red and White Association
Gordon Setter Club of America
Bradshaw Superintendents
Take the Lead
Canine Health Foundation
Irish Setter Club of America Rescue

Ashton Enterprises
Sit Stay
Pet Edge
Red Barn
KV Vet

Canine Chronicle
Whole Dog Journal
Dog Books

Michael Steddum
Carole Raschella
Jacquie Lawson Cards

Companion Air
Pets Welcome

The following links are intended for informational use only. Always consult with your Veterinarian regarding your dogs condition. The internet does not substitute your veterinarians expertise and examination of your dog!

With that said, researching topics so that you can talk intelligently with your veterinarian is essential in my opinion. Knowing and understanding procedures and options in treatment is extremely important for responsible dog owners. Here are a few good medical references:

American Veterinary Association
Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Hemopet / Hemolife & Dr. Dodds
Morris Animal Foundation
Pet Education
Special Needs Pets
Canine Pharm

Revival Animal Health
Net Vet
Vet Info
Rx List
Dog Logic
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Merck Vet Manual

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